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Majove [FAQ] Some common problems and solution


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You'll likely be redirected here if your question is similar to the following question. Please don't ask about your specific problem in this thread, please open the separate thread instead. This thread question doesn't cover complete answer in this page instead we have added a link to it to make FAQ short and easy to read.

Q1. Cannot get through the installer or booting OS X problem?
- When you report us that you failed to reach the OS X installer or you cannot boot into OS X then at that time you also need to provide us a screenshot of error verbose message, just before you crash or stuck. By default verbose message is disabled but you can boot in verbose mode by adding -v at the end of boot args in clover. Also, specify in detail how you made an image installer in USB.

Q2. Brightness not working
- There are two ways to make brightness working one is ACPIBrightness.kext and IntelBackLight.kext, For using IntelBackLight.kext you must move it to S/L/E (System/Library/Extensions) and move the SSDT-PNLF.aml to Clover/ACPI/patched/. This also enables the brightness slider in System preferences from settings. See Video

Q3. Brightness state is restored on restart or wake of laptop
- You need to delete all the EmuVariable*.efi from Clover/driver64UEFI/, now your nvram should work correctly. nvram is found on /EFI/ which stores user preferences data. You can reset the nvram using nvram -c in Terminal, which deletes all the variables in firmware.

Q4. Keyboard and touchpad not working properly
- There are many kext available to make Keyboard and touchpad work but I recommend to use the VoodooPS2Controller.kext and please follow this guide to install the VoodooPS2Controller.kext otherwise, you may experience non-working keyboard or touchpad while you wake your laptop from sleep. See Video

Q5. Keyboard Keys are incorrect?
Apple keyboard and non-apple keyboard are little different, apple keyboard uses one new key called Command Key which is similar to CTRL on your keyboard but it might be assigned in L-ALT or Windows Key. For example, if you need to copy a text using the keyboard you need to press L-ALT + C but these can be assigned from the keyboard settings. One more thing the some Fn Keys won't function correctly or they are wrongly mapped like brightness keys. See Video

Q6. AppleALC native audio or mic not working?
- You need to install the AppleALC.kext on S/L/E/ or L/E/ and also set the layout-id on your Clover > Audio > Layout-id in High Sierra and prior versions. If you're in Mojave then you need to set layout-id on Clover > Devices > Properties > Layout-id to be able to work. Also, Kextcache is required and reboot your system then your audio and mic should be working properly.

Q7. WiFi not working?
- Most of the WiFi cards are not working on Hackintosh, check the supported card before you ask any question. You can replace your internal WiFi card with Broadcom BCM94352z NGFF or external USB adapters. Read here

Q8. My Laptop card reader not working why?
- Built-in card reader slots doesn't work with hackintosh but it can be a tweak to make it work. You can edit the kext and make it read as a external cardreader. see here.

Q9. Does Graphics card show 8 MB or Less?
- By default, Intel graphics card doesn't work with Hackintosh you need to inject different platform-id to make it work. The graphics card installation will differ from system to system so you need to know which graphics card you've on your laptop/desktop, then follow the guide from graphics fix guide. Before following graphics fix guide verify that you've to install clover to HDD or SSD and you no longer need to boot from the USB drive. For more installation and fixes refer to graphics fixes section here.

Q10. Why my laptop battery draining fast and heating so much?
- Making Hackintosh to almost perfect level is harder but possible, for that you need a DSDT patch. The battery draining issue is usually experienced by those who have external graphics cards such as AMD or Nvidia. Check If your graphics is supported or not, If supported then you need to install the drivers and make it work on Hackintosh to make the great performance. If your card is not working then you need to disable it using DSDT patch. See here

Q11. Where should I install kexts?
- Kext are similar to drivers for hardware or software but unlike Windows and Linux mac doesn't need special installation, you can just move to a directory either in S/L/E/ (System/Library/Extensions)or L/E/ (Library/Extensions/) or Clover/Kexts/Other/ for Hackintosh as well. However, moving kext without using any tool may require permission fix for S/L/E/ or L/E/ and not require if you place at Clover/Kexts/Other/ folder.

For Hackintosh users can place a kexts at Clover/Kexts/Other/ folder, this is the most recommended place to install the kext. To do this mount your EFI (How to mount EFI?) and copy the kext and paste here. Reboot your system.

Also make sure you don't duplicate kext meaning you should be installed kext either on S/L/E/ , L/E/ or Clover/Kexts/Other/ folder only. For example Keeping FakeSMC.kext in Clover/Kexts/Other/ and S/L/E/ may give you conflict and make your Hackintosh with K.P. And be sure to delete all the folder except Other from Clover/Kexts/Other/.
If you choose to install kext in S/L/E/ or L/E/ then be sure to give permission and rebuild kernel caches.

Q12. Cannot Install Clover to HDD or SSD
- More often the standard Installation from clover installer won't work. You need to select some features to install like Install RC script. see official clover installation documentation. If you've working USB clover then You can also mount your EFI and copy the entire folder from USB EFI to the HDD or SSD EFI and replace it. This will work if your clover is working on USB but not recommended. Watch Method #1 && Watch Method 2

Q.13. Cannot mount EFI partition
- Sometimes you may fail to mount the EFI but keeping patients and trying after 5 minutes will do the trick. There are many tools out there to mount EFI partition which you may try. Also, you can try the sudo diskutil mount EFI which is a powerful command to mount EFI.

Q14. FaceTime and iMessage not working
- F

Q15. Duel boot cannot boot into hackintosh after installing window.
- While you install windows, it will create a Windows Boot Manager on BIOS and push down the clover to bottom. So when you reboot your system definitely windows will start as it is assigned on the top of UEFI boot entry. To be able to boot into Windows and Hackintosh you need to edit the boot order on your BIOS and save settings. If you're booting on Legacy boot mode then you can't configure from the BIOS as in UEFI instead you need to boot hackintosh from USB and install clover again which will replace the Windows Boot Manager by clover. Hence, clover has the option to choose between windows and Hackintosh.

Note: Please don't talk about your specific problem here, open a separate thread instead. If you have any edits, suggestions then you can reply it below.
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